Hygiene and Prevention

You’ve no doubt heard people say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In dentistry, you might say it’s worth two pounds — or maybe even thousands of dollars. That’s because dental problems can become vastly more expensive — and painful — the longer they go untreated. Fortunately, modern dentistry has many easy and relatively inexpensive ways to make sure that today’s minor annoyance does not turn into tomorrow’s major headache.

Preventive dentistry includes all the procedures and technology used to arrest tooth decay and other oral problems in their earliest stages — everything from professional teeth cleanings to oral cancer screenings. The goal is to keep you as healthy as possible, and to maintain your natural teeth for life. Of course, preventive dentistry procedures can only be effective if you go in to the dental office regularly to take advantage of them!

But prevention doesn’t just happen in the dental office; the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home can’t be overstated. Daily brushing and flossing will go a long way toward removing plaque bacteria — the culprit responsible for tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, and the need for more complex dental treatment.

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How to Floss Your Teeth.
How to Floss Your Teeth

You’ll have the best chance of keeping your natural teeth for life if you floss every day. Brushing alone is simply not enough. Here’s how to get the job done right!

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How to Brush Your Teeth.
How to Brush Your Teeth

Do you need a quick refresher course on this important aspect of your daily oral-hygiene routine? Look no further!

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How to Clean Teeth With Braces.
How to Clean Teeth With Braces

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy will ensure you get the best results from your orthodontic treatment. It’s challenging to clean teeth with braces, but you can do it!

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